Testimonial: Qiao Wana

For at least half of the ten classes in the “Art of Parenting” course that I attended we were “playing”. We sang songs, danced, painted, played children’s games, and created and told stories. These fun-filled activities carried us back to our innocent childhood pasts. And, just like children, we laughed, we sang and we danced our hearts out; we also cried when we recalled painful memories and hugged each other for support and comfort.

We sat together on the floor and shared our deepest thoughts and learned to listen to each other as we’d never listened before. We opened ourselves up to each other and learned the true meaning of “Intention” and “being present”. It turns out that these skills cannot be learned simply by reading a book, they have to be learned through real life experiences and felt through our own bodies and hearts. I discovered that, through art, I could open the door that had been closed for so long to my soul and break out of the jail of thoughts that had tormented me day in and day out for years. This course changed my life.