Testimonial: Lan Xiang

The five-day “Art of Parenting” course brought us closely together with Xiao Wu; we sang songs together, danced, painted, played games, created our own stories and dramas, we practiced our Parent Effectiveness Training skills using real-life scenarios.  Throughout this course we all felt deeply understood and accepted in a way that we had never before experienced.

Xiao Wu was like a guru, she liberated our souls and helped us experience the true beauty of life, she answered questions that had bothered us for years. In this course there are no evaluations or comparisons, no demands that have to be met or “right” answers to questions. We got out of the course what we put into it. The five days passed so quickly we didn’t want it to end.

After I returned home I was on a high for days until I finally realized that this course had given me an inner strength and confidence I had never felt before. I discovered that through song, movement, painting, acting out dramas, creating stories and playing games I could bring Parent Effectiveness Training to life, that I wasn’t hopeless when faced with the challenges of life and raising children. I discovered that I was an artist! This confidence is now firmly embedded in my soul, all thanks to Xiao Wu’s “Art of Parenting” course.