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Shui Qin

Xiao Wu helped me discover that I could paint, play games, create my own stories and perform my own dramas and plays. In a few short days she made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t do if I put my mind to it! Of course, I loved her so much I couldn’t help…

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After returning home from attending Xiao Wu’s “Art of Parenting” course I gradually woke up and saw the path that lay beyond the door she had opened for me. I discovered that my child spoke and behaved in certain ways in response to things that I said or did. I realized that when my child…

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Lan Xiang

The five-day “Art of Parenting” course brought us closely together with Xiao Wu; we sang songs together, danced, painted, played games, created our own stories and dramas, we practiced our Parent Effectiveness Training skills using real-life scenarios.  Throughout this course we all felt deeply understood and accepted in a way that we had never before…

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Qiao Wana

For at least half of the ten classes in the “Art of Parenting” course that I attended we were “playing”. We sang songs, danced, painted, played children’s games, and created and told stories. These fun-filled activities carried us back to our innocent childhood pasts. And, just like children, we laughed, we sang and we danced…

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