Short Term Exchange Programs Now Offered by SMV Partner Schools

In response to growing interest among families in China, some of the Waldorf high schools that SMV represents are developing flexible, short-term exchange programs specifically catering to grade 9-11 students who want an international study experience but do not want to permanently relocate to the U.S.  Leading the way is Green Meadow Waldorf School in New York, which has already welcomed several short-term exchange students from one of Beijing’s oldest Waldorf schools.

Green Meadow has created a customized program that allows high-school students from Waldorf schools in China to come to New York to study for anywhere from one month to one semester. The exchange students join whichever grade they are currently enrolled in in China, and study exactly the same curriculum as the local students. The school also provides additional English language support to help the Chinese students improve their English capabilities, which is often a primary motivation for students to participate in an exchange program. Exchange students are billeted with local families from the school community, just as full-time international students are. This helps them better integrate into the local school community, gives them a deeper cultural experience and reinforces their educational experience.

SMV is in the process of developing partnerships with various Waldorf schools in China that are interested in sending their students to the U.S. for an intensive, short-term exchange program. Interest is high, and we look forward to welcoming more short-term exchange students from China to our US schools in the months and years ahead!