“Feast of the Twelve Senses” comes to China

Yanhong recently co-launched a brand-new workshop in China, called “Feast of the Twelve Senses”. The workshop introduced participants to the theories of Rudolf Steiner on the human senses and provided hands-on opportunities to experience each of the twelve senses in new and revelatory ways.

Steiner believed the senses provide the foundation of a virtuous life and people learn at a physical level, via the senses, capacities for truth, beauty and goodness. Understanding how sensory perception and impression mold a child’s sense organs as well as cognition, feeling and behavior is, therefore, critical to educating young children because they develop and learn primarily via their senses rather than their intellect.

The “Feast of the Twelve Senses” workshop was designed to bring these profound theories to life and show participants how to translate them into practical, life-changing experiences for adults and for children.

The inaugural “Feast of the Twelve Senses” workshop ran for six days in Shanghai, and what a feast it was! In the morning participants listened to Dr. Wolfgang Auer, a leading anthroposophist from Germany, lecture on the twelve senses. In the afternoon, attendees split into two groups and rotated between form drawing workshops with Dr. Auer and “twelve senses gymnastic sessions” with Yanhong and Christoph Daniel Jia-Jungermann, who co-hosted the workshop.

The workshop also included musical activities as well as improvisational theater and games. On the last day, the participants presented their understanding of the twelve senses via songs, dances, drama and games. The grand finale, as always, was awarding the diligent students with a certificate of completion.

The Feast of the Twelve Senses workshop was a happy reunion for many of Yanhong’s most enthusiastic students: half of the 36 participants had attended various “Art of Parenting” workshops and three “Art of Parenting” instructors participated as well. Two other “Art of Parenting” students came to the last day presentation and were so disappointed to have missed the twelve senses workshop they took photos with a blank certificate just to show their determination to attend the next one, which is scheduled for later this year.

Check out some of the images from the Feast of the Twelve Senses Workshop below!