Die Kraft der Seelenverbindung Workshops Held in Shanghai & Shenzhen

Participants in a recent series of “Die Kraft der Seelenverbindung” (The Power of Soul Binding) workshops run by Xiao Wu in Shanghai and Shenzhen have been raving about the program and sharing stories of the transformation the course has sparked in their own lives and in their family dynamics. During the workshops, participants not only hear Xiao Wu lecture on the theory of family dynamics, they also get to discuss real-life case studies that illustrate how family dynamics can be changed using various skills and tools that Xiao Wu shares with participants.  Oftentimes these case studies are drawn from current challenges course participants are struggling to resolve. In many ways, the course provides them with real-time personal and family therapy, which is why the program can be so immediately transformative.

One participant in a recent workshop in Shenzhen shared this story of her experience. “Xiao Wu, did you secretly replace my child with another? Before coming to this workshop my son was often angry with me for no apparent reason, after coming home from work he would kick and shout and scream and act as if possessed by a demon. Today, after coming home from work I was exhausted and collapsed on the sofa to take a rest. My son gently gave me a massage, poured me some tea, held me around my neck and told me how much he loved me! My little devil had transformed into a little angel! Everyone in my family has become much sweeter and nicer to each other. This change happened quietly and naturally, without fanfare, drama or disruption. I’m so grateful to you, Xiao Wu, and to the organizer of the workshop, and I’m also really grateful to my fellow students who shared this amazing experience with me!