Beloved children’s books “Maurice’s Valises” latest destination: China!

Maurice’s Valises are a series of wildly successful children’s stories written by J.S. Friedman and gorgeously illustrated by Chris Beatrice. The 12 books in the series recount the adventures of Maurice,  a mouse who travels the globe, gathering wisdom along the way. His tales, recounted before a roaring fire, bring the teachings of the world’s great thinkers to the next generation of thinkers—children. The stories aim to develop and deliver to children a moral compass and empathy through entertainment.

These stories captured Yanhong’s imagination because they perfectly reflect one of the key messages of her Art of Parenting program, namely that age-appropriate stories are one of the best ways to inspire and educate children and provide them with the moral guidance they need to develop into healthy adults. Inspired by these stories,  and working closely with the author, Yanhong translated four of the books in a way that not only beautifully captures the original meaning but also enables Chinese children to enjoy the magic and the poetry of the English versions.

The Chinese editions of Maurice’s Valises are called “鼠爷爷的旅行箱“ and are available online at Dangdang, China’s leading online bookstore.

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