Everybody loves a good story, and no-one more so than children. Storytelling has been around almost as long as language has existed, because stories possess unparalleled power as agents of transformation. It is now widely accepted that stories provide one of the best ways to teach and persuade people and even understand ourselves.

Because stories nourish the soul in a way that no other art form can, they play a fundamental role in the Art of Parenting program.

Building on concepts that were explored in two of Yanhong’s best-selling books on storytelling, participants learn about the magical power of stories and the art and craft of creating their own, uniquely personal stories. They learn how well-structured, self-generated stories can impart wisdom and experience in ways that children intuitively understand and enjoy immensely. Most importantly, participants learn how a story told from the heart not only strengthens the bonds they have with their children, but also heals and nourishes everyone.

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