How many times have you heard someone say “I can’t draw”, or “I have no artistic talent whatsoever?” Chances are it’s quite often. The Art of Parenting starts from the belief that every person has artistic faculties that need to be released, much like Sleeping Beauty awaiting the Prince to kiss her awake! The key to unleashing these gifts is to allow space and freedom for the emergence of one’s inner experience.

Art is important because it provides a channel through which people can express via imagery thoughts and feelings they may not be able to express via any other medium. Art also awakens people’s sense of beauty, and through beauty, morality, because something that is morally good is inherently beautiful. Art is also therapeutic because it provides a tool for helping balance that which is unbalanced and, in so doing, it nourishes the soul.

Every single person who participates in an Art of Parenting workshop will leave with a completely different appreciation of their artistic ability. Many will go from believing that they have little to no artistic capability to being able to create beautiful pictures that communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings. Check out some of the “before and after” artwork in the gallery below, all of which were drawn by participants in our Art of Parenting workshops.

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