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Samirand Ventures specializes in China-related business, communications, and education consultancy. We help companies establish or improve their marketing and public relations programs in China and spearhead the creative design and implementation of effective communications programs that build brand awareness, strengthen image, increase engagement, and achieve business and marketing goals. We are insanely passionate about our clients, and we are natural storytellers and dot connectors who delight in finding the most compelling ways to tell our clients’​ stories. We have many years of experience in the China market and are natural bridge builders who have helped companies in numerous sectors tell their stories in a culturally-appropriate manner.

We also work with parents and children and seek to inspire and empower parents to adopt more creative and practical approaches to parenting so that they, in turn, can inspire and empower their children to discover their own destiny in life. We do this in several practical ways.

The Art of Parenting

We run our own proprietary Art of Parenting program which helps parents unlock their innate creativity and artistic capabilities and gives them the skills and tools to help their children do the same through effective communication. The Art of Parenting program is designed to motivate people to adopt proven effective and creative parenting techniques because we believe that confident, inspired parents are best placed to raise confident, independent and healthy children. Read More..

Student Placement

We introduce families to Waldorf education, one of the most genuinely holistic pedagogical approaches in use today. Waldorf education was created by the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner over one hundred years ago and it is globally recognized as the gold standard in education. Waldorf schools strive to awaken the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual aspects of each child, fostering independent creative and  analytical thinking. Read More..

Children’s Camps

We work with partner organizations to develop and deliver programs and activities through which children and young adults can experience the world in new ways and learn real-life skills that will help them throughout their life’s journey. Our camps and other programs put young people in genuinely multicultural learning environments to help them develop creative and social skills and prepare them to navigate life in a fully globalized and integrated world. Read More..

Our Mission

Whether we are running our proprietary Art of Parenting program, placing international high school students into select private schools in the U.S., or training counselors for World Waldorf Camp programs in China, everything we do is focused on empowering parents and caregivers to inspire children by providing them with the tools and skills they need to:

  • Unleash their full creative potential
  • Find and fulfill their true destiny in life
  • Make a meaningful contribution to humanity

About the Founders

Samirand Ventures was founded in 2015 by Yanhong Wheeler (a.k.a. 小巫 / WeeWitch) one of China’s most influential educationalists, child development experts and author of 11 books covering topics as diverse as parenting, education, child development, storytelling, cooking and travel; and Nick Wheeler, a communications and management specialist with over 25 years’ experience running businesses in China and the U.S. Read More

Our Recent News

Become a Whole Human to Face the Challenges of the AI era: an in-depth interview with famous education expert Xiao Wu

(During a recent visit to China, Xiao Wu was interviewed about the impact of AI on education and her latest training initiatives in the areas of child development and parent/child relationships. The interview was published in numerous leading Chinese media outlets, including,, Caijing, Tencent, Xueqiuwang, China Daily, Guangmingwang, Huangqiuwang, Phoenix Media, Jingri Toutiao,…

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Short Term Exchange Programs Now Offered by SMV Partner Schools

In response to growing interest among families in China, some of the Waldorf high schools that SMV represents are developing flexible, short-term exchange programs specifically catering to grade 9-11 students who want an international study experience but do not want to permanently relocate to the U.S.  Leading the way is Green Meadow Waldorf School in…

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